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Wholly Quantum, 2020

Most theories of quantum mechanics do not offer clear yes/no empirical answers to all questions that seem at face value. The Many-Worlds Interpretation, originated by Hugh Everett in the late 1950s, is unique for its unambiguous envisioning of reality: our universe is one of the numerous parallel universes that frantically branch off from each other nanoseconds by nanoseconds. In many of these worlds, there exist exact replicas of you and me, all evolving independently. Wholly Quantum, articulates this controversial theory in a visual way. Through a hybrid of electronics, lights, and sculptures, the exhibition recasts reality within an utterly surreal framework and investigates the battle between a single reality versus a multitude of realities, what we perceive versus what reality is. 

Wholly Quntum is an interactive installation. The LED lights and vibratory objects are connected to a PRI motion sensor that responds to the viewer's presence. 

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